Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Day 89 : Loose Threads (2) - Eyesight

I went back outside for my skipping this morning and felt so much better for it. Skipping the the hall felt like skipping in a box.

The other thing I was talking about and stopped was the correction exercises to improve my eyesight. Well, like a lot of other things, my recent run of health issues knocked that to one side but not before my eyesight had changed enough for me to change my glasses. I intend to get back to the eye exercises shortly. Like PCP, doing the eye exercises requires application and support so I will have to think how to best achieve success there.

One day to go!!


Nate said...

I just thought about something you are 11 hours closer to being finished than I am! NO fair! haha

Tim said...

Sorry Nate, I'll be thinking of you!!