Thursday, 6 November 2008

Day 84 : Seven Days to Go

OK, showing my age again, this one dates from the year I returned to Japan.

As PCP days go, this one fizzled out. Up and skipping as usual but I paid Charlie a visit to see if we can loosen what ever it is that has my neck so stiff. Well, he did his best but has left it very sore and a very late return home means I guess this is a rest day.

We've been talking about what it might be. Another friend pointed out that if the body can't get rid of toxins, then it hides them in fat so if the fat is being disbursed, then the toxins get released again. And the theory we are working on is they've chosen to make a "last stand" in my neck. It is really weird. Charlie can be manipulating the neck which I can easily tolerate and then come across a point so sensitive that I can't stand to have even the lightest touch.

So, team, once in peak condition, stay there and avoid the side-effects of getting in shape again later!!


Amy said...

I have heard that we have "brown fat" in our neck (women have it on the hips too) and I wonder if they're sort of right?!

Patrick said...

My gut feeling is that your lymphatic system is up to something, be it from detox or an unrelated event. I'd love to spin it that your body is getting rid of its last toxins but the truth is that most of that stuff was gone by around Day 20 or so.

As always you're a very special man Tim.

Amy said...


Even with your frustrations, you are still feeling better than on Day 1, right?!