Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Day 83 : What a Day

As a Brit, I have no direct say in the internal politics of the United States but as a not quite impartial onlooker, I think that the Republican Party was hijacked some years ago by some extremely powerful but hidden forces that have had a huge influence on world events in recent years. So for this reason and also the wonderful historic precedent of a bi cultural candidate breaking through the prejudice barrier, I think that the election result has generated an immense sigh of relief everywhere in the world outside of the southern and mid western states of the US (oh, and the new frontier of Alaska).

On a much lower key, I had a very long day waking before six and then skipping in order to get to an 8am meeting in Tokyo and an evening meeting which didn't get me home until nearly 10pm for a truncated workout before crashing.

The weather turned much colder today so my early morning skip had me wrapped up in a sweatshirt that did not get removed. The cold weather has put paid to my Snow White-style visitors that came to watch in the summer. And in any case, the annual visit from a gardener paid for by my landlord has laid waste the local habitat - they seem to believe in the scorched earth school of gardening. Nothing much remains until the weeds start poking through next spring. Although I have forgotten to mention that the shrubs surrounding the garden are actually bearing a crop of nuts, although I don't intend to see if they are edible.


Patrick said...

Yeah, Obama! I think you're spot on with the analysis of the Republican party, I don't know why foreigners can see these things so easily and Americans seem blind to them.

Nice work skipping in the cold. You should try skipping inside one day, if you can find a building that will accommodate your towering frame.

It's actually much more difficult to jump rope outside because the wind and elements make the rope turn more slowly.

Amy said...

It was Voldemort.

Adrian said...

lol Amy