Monday, 10 November 2008

Day 87 : Skipping Inside

It has only taken me 87 days to realise that if I pushed things around inside my hall, there actually is enough space to skip indoors. I overslept this morning and didn't have time to skip before I went out. By the time I returned home, it was cold, dark and wet and I definitely didn't want to skip outside so I finally had a good hard look at what I could to inside and found that it was just a matter of thinking outside the box (literally - I have one or two boxes belonging to a friend that I am keeping for him and I haven't found a better place to put them yet). Mind you, it felt really strange after becoming used to skipping outdoors and I occasionally hit the ceiling with the rope, which is not a problem in the garden.

I weighed myself this morning and got a shock. My weight has dipped further and is now below the 80kg mark - 79.4kg to be exact. I7m sure I haven't been this light for maybe forty years. Maybe the sickness has taken its toll because I certainly feel that I am eating a lot. Charlie reckons that he was able to get a lot more movement out of it when I saw him today but that still didn't stop needles of pain shooting up the back of my skull at times. I'm not wimping out, honest, this is real. I'll try to get it x-rayed or scanned this week to see if the is anything that can be spotted that is causing the pain.

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